Childhood and adolescence


Through sport, music and cultural activities, we promote values and attitudes of respect for the environment and the community for young people from 6 to 17 years old.

programas adolescencia

What do we do?

We work so that each young person finds his or her best version and can have multiple resources in adulthood that do not limit him or her in obtaining his or her own results.

Problems to fight

Addictions, school dropout, child labor, depression and abuse.

Music school

Music school

Development of cognitive skills through body awareness.



We encourage school-age children to attend school (primary and secondary).

Coed Soccer

Coed Soccer

We provide safer, healthier environments by teaching values such as autonomy, a sense of responsibility and solidarity together with the River Plate Foundation and the Real Madrid Foundation. )

Dance Studio

Dance Studio

Through dance, we stimulate creativity, self-confidence, and aid in mental and physical development. We promote teamwork and empathy.

We are currently working in

4 districts

La Matanza, Bs As
La Boca, Bs As
San Martín, Bs As

In total


children and adolescents attend

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