First Home

Thanks to our team of professionals’ constant contact and follow-up, through this project we are able to support families that are in situations of high vulnerability, and are exposed to housing, family, social and personal emergency.

My First Home

This project begins by detecting difficulties that put the family group in a housing, social and personal emergency situation. The majority of these people count with the support of Pequeños Pasos through a group of professionals. All of them know and understand every aspect of the problems they face daily.

In sync with the other three stagess

Our work is applied to three main stages: Early Childhood (kids from 45 days to 4 years old); Childhood and Adolescence (kids between 5 to 17 years old) and Adults (people that are trained throughout the whole year). These programs are complemented by social protection and family support. Therefore, the integrity of our programs generated the need of building this fourth stage.

My First Home comes to provide a solution to our families, trying to stop the vicious vulnerable cycle covering early childhood, adolescence, education, careers and the space where they live; their first home. Our general goal is to provide an improvement in the quality of life in all possible aspects through our facilities. While a more specific goal is to build a first home along with the support of our technical team in every community.

Real Facts


Of Argentines live in a situation of critical overcrowding generated by the limitations of the members of each home.


Of these households occupy insufficient quality housing (type of materials). And 12.9%, partially insufficient.


Lives with inadequate sanitation conditions (based on access to a bathroom, the exclusivity or not of its use, the type of drainage and its installation).


Children and teenagers suffer from "severe" housing deprivation, such as living in flood zones or near a landfill.

*Data extracted from Indec 2018/2019

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