Early Childhood

With the ultimate goal of protecting low-wealth children´s rights, we use appropriate care practices to ensure their survival, growth and development.

How do we do it?

The Early Childhood Program develops the basic skills low-wealth children need to fulfill their potential. Through the program, children from 45 days to 4 years old can attend non-formal education trainings & physical activities, and eat two meals a day at our Early Childhood Centers, Mondays to Fridays.

Growing up in poverty undermines children´s well-being, social inclusion and self-esteem. Our specialized team of nutritionists, psychologists, education experts, social workers and pediatricians takes an interdisciplinary approach to combating illiteracy, malnutrition, child abuse, behavioral disorders and learning problems.

We recognize the importance that early stimulation has for children's later development. And we want them to know that they can fulfill their potential.


1 in 6

kids are


1 in 2

children lives with high exposure to environmental pollution and hazardous particles

Share bed

1 in 4

kids share a
bed or mattress

Bedtime story

1 in 10

kids do not get a
bedtime story

We help

2600 kids per year

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