Childhood & Adolescence

With the ultimate goal of protecting low-wealth children´s rights, we use appropriate care practices to ensure their survival, growth and development.

In Argentina, every 8 minutes
a child drops school.

The high rates of school dropout represent one of the most challenging problems within low-wealth children, ages 5 to 18.

Not only do our programs encourage school-aged children to go to school, but they also provide safer, healthier and more prosperous environments to prevent drugs consumption and decrease criminal behavior.

Education is one of the best predictors of success in children. We help underprivileged, struggling students succeed in school (and in life) by teaching them values such as autonomy, sense of responsibility and solidarity. 

1 in 10

teenagers is


of children up to 17 years old do some kind of domestic work in an intensive way

3 in 4

children did not celebrate their birthday in the last year

1 in 2

kids does not get an annual dental checkup 

Children who grow up in stressful environments tend to have more emotional and behavioral problems (such as attention, memory, planning, reasoning, and inhibition disorders, among others). Our goal is to improve their cognitive and social skills so that they can progress through school.



Sports can help children’s development along in many positive ways, such as motivating them toward self-improvement. Through sports, we teach them values of respect, confidence and teamwork.



Early exposure to music has been recognized as an important way for very young children (including infants) to gain early literacy and pre-reading and creative skills.


Animation Trainings

Arts education reduces stress level of low-income students. Drawing and creativity lessons can have an immediate physiological benefit.

We help

300 teenagers per year

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