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Who we are

about us

Pequeños Pasos is an NGO in constant search for an integrated community due to the interaction among our programs, in which every family can have access to health, education, housing, and a job to have the same opportunities to grow and develop.

Our Mission

Work together with the public and private sectors in order to create opportunities for communities at social risk.

Our vision

A fair and equitable society in which the communities can thrive.

As we are

Our values


We strive for all families to feel valued and important in society.


We face the challenges that living in a daily social vulnerability situation implies.


We are always looking for a quicker and more effective way to help those in need.


We are run-of-the-mill people, in the service of people, just like us.


We are ordinary people, at the service of others just like us.


Children from 45 days up to 5 years old are beneficiaries of the Early Childhood Program.


Children from 6 to 18 years old are beneficiaries of the Childhood and Youth Program.


Persons  are beneficiaries of the Adult Program.


Meals are delivered monthly.

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Our facilities

Where we work

Our engine

Why we do this?


Of the children are poor.

4 / 10

Children don't have access to clean drinking water.


Of teenagers drop school on a daily basis.

4 /10

Of the children don’t have access to technology.


Of adults live in poverty.

Nuestros Programas

Aiming at protecting the rights of children at high risk of social vulnerability, we adopt intensive care practices to ensure their growth, development and survival.

The Early Childhood Program develops the basic tools kids need to strengthen their capabilities.

In our early childhood centers, children, from 45 days to 5 years old, receive non-formal education, early stimulation, physical exercises and two daily meals.

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals—nutritionists, psychologists, education experts, social workers and pediatricians—work to fight against illiteracy, malnutrition, child abuse, learning problems, among others.

Our programs, together with our professionals, encourage children to attend primary and secondary schools. Through our musical, sporting, cultural and individual counseling activities, we offer more secure, healthier and prosperous spaces teaching values such as autonomy, sense of responsibility and solidarity.

Through sports, music and cultural activities, we promote values and attitudes of respect for the environment and the community itself, based on tolerance, solidarity, dialog, creativity and team work.
We accompany 18+ year-old young adults by providing them with educational and training processes so that they can create their own entrepreneurships and improve their personal development.

We offer empowerment and educational opportunities to adults with more vulnerability exposure. We do this with the help of our team of psychologists, social workers and workshop organizers.


In our Trades Center, we offer training workshops and activities, such as: kitchen assistant, embroidery and merged techniques, dressmaking, web design, electricity, gardening, marketing online, plumbing and wordpress.

Personal development

Our experts offer workshops that improve self-esteem and general health of adults. These include:  pregnancy health, values and decision making, gender-based violence and women empowerment.


We offer adults the possibility to complete primary and secondary studies with the aim of reinforcing their education.

A proper house is a prior condition for a family to have access to work, health, social security and education.


The aim of our program inside a housing community is oriented towards supporting and accompanying every family and individual enabling access to employment, health coverage, schools, nursery homes, social services and facilities.  


My First Home represents the interrelation between the social support program and the access to a suitable house where each one depends on the other so that a family can develop and grow.  

Through the building of houses and spaces for our program implementation, we accompany families that are in a housing and social emergency so that they have opportunities for their.

believe in Us


In Pequeños Pasos, international cooperation is a tool and an opportunity to grow for the development of families and the vulnerable  territories.

Along with individuals, companies, government agencies and non-governmental bodies, we create international aid programs to boost the impact on improving the quality of life of the families that we support daily. 

Pequeños Pasos is committed to work on the following objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030:

international alliances

Government alliances

corporate alliances

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